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Back Pain

Recent studies conducted by various journals in the study of pain management have concluded that an estimated 80% of the world’s population suffers from some form of back pain and that acupuncture is an effective method for pain relief without the negative side effects associated with more conventional therapies.

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Chronic Pain

Unlike more conventional remedies, acupuncture does not simply suppress your symptoms. Thrive Acupuncture’s practitioners get to the root of your chronic pain with therapies that provide long lasting relief. More conventional remedies may only offer a temporary reprieve from chronic pain through an assortment of drug therapies that can produce negative side effects and compound the problem.

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Although 70% of infertility cases are related to problems with ovulation and the female reproductive system, it is always recommended that both partners are evaluated when conception cannot be achieved. Failure to menstruate, along with hormonal, uterine and other ovulation factors are within the challenges faced by couples who are trying to conceive.

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Mood Disorders

Several studies based in China have concluded that acupuncture is an effective treatment for depression, anxiety and mood disorders in conjunction with conventional drug therapy treatments. In addition, targeted treatments administered by qualified holistic specialists can also provide significant relief for patients who display intolerance to the side effects of generally prescribed medications and resist conventional chemical treatment for these conditions.

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Quit Smoking

Even with the best of intentions, smokers who have a strong desire to quit often give up due to a resistant brain chemistry that reacts strongly to nicotine withdrawal. As lethal as it is to health and wellbeing, nicotine stimulates certain brain receptors which keep smokers puffing away. When these “feel good” receptors – also known as neurotransmitters – are deprived of the habitual dose of nicotine, the result is intense cravings that seem insurmountable.

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Plantar Fasciitis

Plantar fasciitis is the most common cause of heel pain in adults. This heel pain and tenderness shows up most often at the bottom of the foot where the arch meets the heel. Typically, the pain is aggravated during the first steps in the morning or after rest. Most of the time it goes away on its own but it can take months or even years. Some people don’t respond to physiotherapy or pain killers, resulting in years of pain and missing out on activities.

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