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Edmonton acupuncture to help you quit smoking.

Quitting smoking is a challenge you can overcome with the help of Thrive Acupuncture acupuncture treatments. In addition to the psychological aspects of an addiction to nicotine, smoking has a strong physical component that makes it difficult to break the habit permanently.

Smoking: is it all in your head?

Even with the best of intentions, smokers who have a strong desire to quit often give up due to a resistant brain chemistry that reacts strongly to nicotine withdrawal. As lethal as it is to health and wellbeing, nicotine stimulates certain brain receptors which keep smokers puffing away. When these “feel good” receptors – also known as neurotransmitters – are deprived of the habitual dose of nicotine, the result is intense cravings that seem insurmountable.

It is estimated that 90 % of smokers would like to quit but struggle with an inability to effectively cope with an altered brain chemistry and the related mood disorders that occur when kicking a smoking addiction.

Edmonton acupuncture relieves stress that helps you quit.

Acupuncture works by carefully treating the selected points on the body and sends powerful signals to the brain to help ease cravings. Nicotine withdrawal is safe, effective and drug free with Thrive Acupuncture treatments which also relax the mind and keep you from reaching for a cigarette when you feel stressed.

Studies published in the American Journal of Medicine conceded that smokers who used acupuncture as a method for quitting, were three times more likely to remain smoke free a year later, compared to those who used other methods for smoking cessation. Thrive Acupuncture can help the people of Edmonton become non-smokers in an average of 3 – 5 sessions.

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